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Finding Happy

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When you catch up with an old friend and find that your friendship is just as fabulous as it ever was even though you haven’t seen each other or even spoken much in over 7 years. You hear that they’re doing amazing things and both your lives are so different than each other/s and from how they were when you first became friends…and yet you can still tell all the old stories and inside jokes like they happened yesterday. This kind if thing makes me happy.

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Sometimes in the midst of all the crazy sh*t life throws at you it is really hard to find your “happy place” I have decided that rather than being hard on myself for not feeling happy most the time, (there are moments where I feel happy but it usually involves xanex) I have decided that just finding a reason to laugh on occasion is good enough. I am really not sure why, but this tag line on something I got from the doctor really made me laugh. Thanks ACS for taking on the birthdays. I only hope I get a few more in my life.


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I went out to Colorado to visit Aaron…again. We went up on the Grand Mesa…again. We went cross country skiing…again. (with significantly better weather this time) We had nice conversation that made me feel better about my life…again. I like visiting Aaron. I’ll probably go visit him in the future…again.

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It seems like all I eat these days are smoothies. Probably because unless someone is around it is pretty much all I have the energy to make for myself. So here we go again, another smoothie. At least they are healthy, right?


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Some people…most everyone that I know…say I live in a house that is too big for one person. I agree. But I like space. I like room to spread out, to wander, to roam, and more than anything, I like the possibilities of all that space. I’ve been reading a book recently about Wyoming called The Solace of Open Spaces and I am in love with the descriptions. In one chapter it talks about how having open space isn’t bad, it’s not barren, or spaced out, or bland. It’s potential. Whether it’s an open room, undeveloped land, or just your mind, it means room for new ideas, for learning, for expansion, or just for the pure enjoyment of a place with nothing in it. If everything is filled up and mapped out, where do you put new ideas? I agree my house is too big for me. I’d happily tear it down and build a smaller one, but on one condition, it be on the same plot of land. My backyard neighbors a large horse pasture and every morning I wake up and look out my bedroom window across this open space to the mountains beyond it and it calms and sooths me like nothing else. I walk up to my fence and I gaze out into it. I stand in my driveway and dream about it at sunset, like in this picture. It reminds me of looking out over the Pacific Ocean and wondering how long I could go over that nothingness before I’d hit land again. It brings back memories of road trips through farmland and prairies in Idaho, Washington, and Montana. I’ve never seen and open space that didn’t make my heart thrill. I love that I have my open big open space in my backyard and the fact that it backs up to more space, more nothingness, more clean slates, more possibilities, more room for more, more room for me.

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I am a creature of habit. I get into a pattern and always do the same thing. I sit at the same seat at the coffee shop I frequent, I sit on the same side of the couch, sleep on the same side of my bed, it’s my thing. I get a little protective of these things too. My new weekly hospital visits have added to my OCDness, I have a “chair” I don’t always get this chair and when I don’t it makes me sad. This chair has the big windows, and is one of the only spots in the hospital that I can get cell reception. This is my space, MINE! I secretly think that the nurses save me this spot sometimes. I will come in and every seat, except for mine, is taken. It makes me happy. This is the view from my spot, and when we are lucky enough to have a blue sky day, rare in the PNW, you can see Mt. Rainier loud and proud and that always makes me happy.


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Asking for help can be hard, but sometimes you have no choice. I love being the kind of friend that others know they can call for favors or for help in emergencies. It’s not very often since I have few close friends, so I  get excited each time it happens. Can you watch our kids when I have the baby, teach me to bake a pie, can I have a ride to the airport, come visit while I’m sick, make me dinner, pick me up because my car is out of gas…whatever. I love it. So I was really excited that for the first time I got the call to bail someone out of jail. It’s sort of the crown jewel of emergency/do me a huge favor calls. Especially when It’s 8pm on New Year Eve. Plus Steve wasn’t excited about my suggestions of snow night hikes and was happy to drive and I got to have some interesting conversations with this nice bail bondsman while he filled out all the paperwork. Thanks for the exciting adventure Rob. It’s nice to know that after all these years our friendship has reached that level.

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Sometimes help comes in the strangest places, like a cough drop wrapper. I am not sure when Halls started putting reaffirming statements on their wrappers but I am a fan. I caught a really nasty illness, one day post nasty chemo, and let me tell you it was a rough couple week. I don’t know why but my cough drop wrappers telling me I can get through this, I have been through worse, and that I was a tough kid was more helpful than the actual cough drop.

The Best Gifts

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I think I’m getting old and possibly maybe even mature because I no longer want loads and loads of crap for Christmas. I just want to enjoy the day. Each year I get less stuff and each year I want it that way more and more. This year I got the gift of time from my parents. They came out and stayed with me. That was nice considering my dad had been having some serious problems with his heart and had to have surgery on it just a few days before coming out. It was great to see him here playing with grandkids. But who am I kidding, I still like opening wrapped presents on Christmas morning. My favorite was this pop-up book of the old National Parks posters that my brother and his wife got me. Such a perfect gift. I loved it.  I think a Pop-up book + National Park stuff + dad here reading it with grandkids = The best gifts.

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I have a really hard time accepting gifts. I also don’t like useless gifts. I do love giving gifts however, I am a HUGE gift giver. I especially love making stuff for people I think it really shows them how much I love them. Toward the end of this year I have been getting many gifts. Lot of useful ones. It has been wonderful because anything that helps me feel better, keeps me warm, or keeps my belly full of food has been AMAZING. The best gift though is time. I am so grateful when people spend time with me. This week my friend Kirsten flew down from Alaska and stayed with me for 5 days. She was so awesome and helped me clean my house, filled my freezer with healthy tasty meals I can just microwave and eat, and kept me company while I was sick sick sick. She also brought me a stack of Christmas gifts from friends in Alaska. These were two of them, I got a devil hat, hand made by my friend Sandy (this is devil hat number two, the other one left fuzzies on my stubbly shaved head so having this one that doesn’t leave fuzzies behond is awesome beyond belief) and this shirt is hilarious. I loved the blog post from The Bloggess about her giant metal rooster (Beyoncé) shenanigins. Therefore I love this shirt. So in this giant mess of a ramble it turns out the best gifts are just the ones you love. They can be a noun or a verb, but either one is awesome because it means someone though of you and cared.