The Idea:

Inspired by the blog A Year of Sundays by 3191 Miles Apart, I had been looking for a friend to start up an artistic blog with. Something similar, simple, ongoing and inspiring. I had done a daily photograph blog before and loved it, but wanted something less rigorous, more inspired, and with a partner in crime.  The two women in 3191 Miles Apart were strangers, but how does one go about  meeting a stranger on the internet and asking them to start up an artsy blog with you? You just can’t force these kinds of things, they have to happen. So I wasn’t so much looking for a friend to start this blog, I was waiting for one…and waiting…and waiting… and then thanks to a guy named Sam, I found Sadie. Hallelujah!

How We Met:

Sam had two fabulous facebook friends Katie and Sadie… Sam is sort of obsessed with facebook and posts lots of stuff, and Sadie and I sort of loved commenting on his stuff. It seemed that everything I made comments on, Sadie made comments on, and when Sadie made a comment, I made a similar comment, going back and forth till it didn’t seem like Sam was even part of the conversation anymore. It didn’t matter if it was music lyrics, books, movie quotes, bird photos, hiking stories, or nonsense. Eventually Sadie and I decided to skip Sam the middle man, become internet pen pals and let the comments take over, which they did. You might not guess it right away, but Sadie and I are twins separated at birth. Not really, but I think if you did a Freaky Friday sort of thing where we swapped bodies for a few weeks, few people would know the difference.  We have so many similarities it’s ridiculous. You got your front teeth knocked out as a kid, no kidding me too! But then there’s a few really fun differences like. I’ve had the same long strait blond hair style since I was 5, Sadie occasionally sports a purple mohawk. It’s like everything inside our brains is the same, but we express it outwardly in different ways. Katie lives in West Jordan UT and Sadie is in Redmond WA, our homes are 702.04 miles apart as the crow flies, we’ve met in person only once over phillycheesesteaks but we find we’re often thinking or doing the same things. What are those things though? Enter the blog. I asked her if she’d be interested, she said YES! We both did an excited little happy dance and the rest is in the photos…

The Photos:

Each week we trade off picking a topic, anything for inspiration. We have one calendar week to take a picture of whatever that topic meant to us that week. Then we write up a little blurb on it. After a couple weeks of this we liked it so much we wanted more…so we added our “days of the week” pictures. One random day during the week we have a more specific topic to photograph to show each other what we were both doing on that same day. Like what our shoes were, what we ate for lunch, or what we saw when we woke up. It’s fun to see how similar and different our pictures are, how they contrast or coordinate. Two like minds, two strangers but friends, hundreds of miles apart, inspiring ourselves and each other with our cameras.

More about us:

Sadie is from Alaska and lives in Redmond WA

Katie is from California and live in West Jordan UT

Our houses are 702.04 miles apart “as the crow flies”

Sadie likes birds, Katie likes cliché sayings…hence the name.

We like to bake and tentatively run our own food services from our homes

We are seriously outdoorsy girls. Sadie hikes tall mountains, Katie climbs rocks

We are inspired by poetic song lyrics and go all out for a good concert

We both like beards, but neither of us have one

We are both totally awesome and hilarious

Neither of us are really photographers


1 thought on “About”

  1. Pretty Cool Idea! I’ll be sure to check in every few weeks to see what you are seeing!

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