Check that off the list Katie

Check that off the list Sadie

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So…I’ve got a lot of cookbooks. They’re in various places around the house. A bookshelf in the spare room, on the floor, opened on the ironing board, in a pile next to my bed, in a cupboard and on one counter in the kitchen. I decided it was time to consolidate so I pulled them all out of their individual homes and moved them in together on a nice 3 level bookshelf next to my fridge. They fit perfectly. It’s been so nice to have them all in one spot. I’m feeling inspired to try new recipes again. Once I made a resolution to cook one recipe from every cookbook in one year. It was so much fun and I had nearly 80 at that time. I’ve gotten a few more since. It might be time for round two.

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When I lived in Alaska I lived with this awesome chick, Kate. Ever since I moved down to Washington I have been trying to get her down from an adventure. She is a busy lady and as of yet has yet to make it to my state for a visit. This week though she finally managed to come for 3 days. We had a blast hanging out, watching movies, singing karaoke, drinking wine, hanging out in my hot tub, and seeing some sights in the area. It was a great to check that visit off the list, I just hope it happens again in the future.