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My friend had to get his nose fixed after breaking it so many times over the years he could hardly breath. They didn’t straiten it, just lined it up inside. He was being put under so he needed a companion for the surgery. I took the day off work and took him to the hospital and sat around drinking the free juice boxes till he was done. Then, after picking up all his fancy prescriptions, I took him home and had to keep him company till he was safely out of danger from being put out or whatever complications come up after surgery. I was hoping he’d fall asleep so I could put fake tattoos on him to find later, but he didn’t sleep at all. He was loopy enough however that he let me draw mustaches on his bandages every time he changed it. That was fun. I had so much fun hanging out with a sick guy I wondered if maybe I should have been a nurse, or maybe just someone who hangs out with sick people eating taquitos and watching tv all day.
About Sadie’s Picture
The only other living thing in my apartment is my fish. He is a betta fish I have named Alpha, get it Alpha Beta? I am so clever. This little guy (he is little as you can barely see him in that tank) is kind of my best bud. He is always happy to see me when I walk by his tank, he even does this cute little dance in front of the glass. I am sure he only does this in anticipation of getting a tasty snack, but I pretend it is because he likes me. He makes a good companion. He never judges me when he I eat nothing but gummy bears for dinner and stay in my pjs all day.