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Sundance Film Festival is always something new and exciting. It may be the same old Duc that I’ve known for 20 years and have been seeing films with for close to 10, but the films, the ideas, the energy…it’s always fresh at Sundance and you never know what to expect. I saw documentaries about TV in Bhutan, music for Alzheimer’s patients, and thought provoking comedies about suicide. I loved it.

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I LOVE tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes. It is one of my favorite things ever. I usually can’t make fresh tomato sauce though, as tomatoes aren’t that cheap when your going to buy 20 pounds of them. I have done it a few times when I found them cheap at the end of season at the farmers market, or if I had a plentiful producing plant the few times I have grown tomatoes. This week our bountiful basket deal was 10 pounds of organic HEIRLOOM tomatoes for $12. I seriously did a happy happy joy joy dance. I got 2 cases. I will make them into sauce next week. It will probably be the best sauce I have ever made. I am STOKED!!